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First Street Confidential

This is a project still on the drawing board
After getting my Real Estate license, I wanted to design and run a website that was all the latest news articles from around the world. Contacting several people taking several technical real estate courses, I could find no one to write what I had drawn up. After meeting with three councilors over three departments at the TCCD Tarrant County College District, I signed up for web and graphic design and digital photography classes with professors Sean Fousheé, Christopher Flynn and Diane Guy as my teachers. Taking these classes and applying what was taught - all the pieces were put together.

Old Sailor's Almanac

This is a project I am working on with Don Dillman
Mr. Dillman has been making and sending out eMails titled “Old Sailor's Almanac”. During my volunteer work at the Arlington Police Department, I showed Mr. Dillman my porfolio page in hopes to convert a portion of their filing from paper to digital. He noted “The Day In History” and said he would like to have pictures on the eMails, and I thought lets's have pictures and have it on the Internet. The true sign this should be done, was when I first looked to see if “OldSailorsAlmanac.com” was available. and found it was not. However the second time I looked it up, it was - now whether I miss-typed on the first search or not, it was an inspiration to get this project started. It has really been interesting, fun, a awesome learn and a great project for us.

Angela Redding REALTOR®

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