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Old Sailor's Almanac

This is a project I am working on with Don Dillman
Mr. Dillman has been making and sending out eMails titled “Old Sailor's Almanac”. During my volunteer work at the Arlington Police Department, I showed Mr. Dillman my porfolio page in hopes to convert a portion of their filing from paper to digital. He noted “The Day In History” and said he would like to have pictures on the eMails, and I thought lets's have pictures and have it on the Internet. The true sign this should be done, was when I first looked to see if “OldSailorsAlmanac.com” was available. and found it was not. However the second time I looked it up, it was - now whether I miss-typed on the first search or not, it was an inspiration to get this project started. It has really been interesting, fun, a awesome learn and a great project for us.


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