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IT Professional with extensive experience in designing, developing, implementing and modifying financial software, seeks new position in with a company that values hard and smart work ethics, technology, and employees who work for those values. Strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. Productive and efficient. Self-motivator with high energy. Strong background in user training and support documentation. Experience in major programming languages, operating hardware and software.

Arlington Police Department Volunteer and Member of the Arlington Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association   Arlington, Texas  2013 - present
  Volunteer of the Year 2014 (Office Management, for converting paper files to digital), 2018

Developed a system to scan files: Paper files in the alarms department were converted to digital - this helped remove two walls of paper documents, allowing lookup and maintenance on-line - All was converted and completed with three volunteers (including Danielle Wallace, CherLynn Fisher and myself) at no cost to the city.

Tarrant County College  Fort Worth, Texas  06/11-05/12 - Managing Editor of First Confidential On-Line News (school project) - Current

Design & Visual Communication: Web Design I & II, Graphic Design I & II and Digital Photography (A+ average in all classes)

Genisus Master Real Estate and Property Management  Fort Worth, Texas  02/10-02/12
  Realtor® Associate  GRI, SFR - inactive

Member of the Fort Worth Board of Realtors®
On the Technical Committee at the Greater Fort Worth Board of Realtor®s GFWAR

Centex CTX Mortgage Company LLC, Dallas Texas 02/94 - 12/09
  IT Developer, Architect and System Business Analyst

CENTEX: Ranked among the top three homebuilders on Fortune magazine’s list of “America’s Most Admired Companies” and a leader in quality and customer satisfaction

Employee (08/97 – 12/09), Independent Consultant (02/94 – 07/97)

Designed, developed, wrote, modified, and implemented both new and existing application software for financial reporting for the following business units: Accounting, Treasury, Quality Control, Payroll, Planning and Analysis, Compensation and Incentive, Delivery, and Servicing. Many of the applications replaced manual procedures, reduced paper flow, and made processes more efficient within the company saving time, money, reducing errors, and achieving successful results.

Web Reporting: The Web Reporting/Maintenance Project consists of a series of reports and maintenance on the Company’s Infonet Page for Production, Quality Control, Servicing, Corporate, Closing, Underwriting, Specialty Products, Accounting, Treasury, and Compensation.

QCATS: The Quality Control Audit Tracking System provides the ability to select, audit, process, and resolve all internal and external audits, while maintaining efficient database architecture. Enhanced reporting tools related to the audits, communication tool to allow documented conversations with the branches and external parties, accuracy and flexibility in data storage and loan/audit inquiry.

LFS: The Loan Funding System designed to validate the origination system’s loan information prior to setting up a loan on the LSAMS and Lawson systems to meet the Loan Servicing standards with regards to proper amortization, proper escrow records and proper tax records.

SPS: The Settlement Processing System designed to reconcile third party loan sales including comparing the actual monies received from the investor to the LSAMS principal, escrow and buy down balances and Lawson journal entries to record the loan sale transactions of loan inventory.

WTS: The Warehouse Tracking System tracks the status of collateral for secured borrowings providing the vehicle by which data is exchanged with trusties for corporate borrowings providing an interface between the origination system and the bank software to originate wires for loan funding requests.

Employee Recognition Program: Created user interface for acceptance of nominations, the reporting and email distribution of awards, and maintained architecture

SOX: Complied with and attended meetings on Sarbanes-Oxley procedures related to software development and application maintenance.

Y2K Conversion: Responsible for Y2K Date Conversion and DATA Migration of RS6000 software and program modification. Created modules to convert dates stored from a six and eight calendar date format to a five digit Julian date format to be displayed in a standard calendar date format.

Standardized and consolidated Program Libraries.

Infolink Software/Eagle Software Inc.  Dallas Texas  8/83-1/94
  Programming Consultant firm in the Dallas area

Responsible for IBM mid-range projects which included the design, development, and implementation of software packages for Oil and Gas, Savings and Loan, Property Management, Manufacturing, Retail Companies, and worked with accounting firms such as Coopers and Lybrand.

Designed, Developed, Wrote, and Implemented software development tools library that generated file, screen copies, and base programs. Using this tool writing the following application systems: Financial Reporting, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Receiving, Payroll, Labor Tracking, and Job Costing.

P.D.A. Software Inc.  Dallas, Texas  6/81–7/83
  Programming Consultant firm in the Dallas/Kansas City area

Responsible for new development and maintenance programming of projects on IBM mid-range systems. Converted hardware and software at various sites including Warehouse Distribution, Manufacturing, and Advertising companies.

Priority Systems Inc.  Dallas, Texas  6/79-6/81
Programming Consultant firm in the Dallas area

Responsible for problem resolution and modification of software projects on IBM mid-range systems and IBM System/370 (COBOL). Worked with auditors from Arthur Anderson and Fox and Westheimer, accounting firms in modifying program packages and their installations.

Pangburn’s Chocolates, Inc.  Fort Worth, Texas  6/72-6/79
  Operations Manager and Programming

Responsible for computer operations over three shifts on the IBM System/370 (COBOL). Developed and maintained in-house manufacturing and accounting applications. (One of the first of two sites in the U.S. to be a cardless IBM System/370 account for IBM)

Systems Proficiency

Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Visual Basic, ASP, VBScript, HTML, SQL, XML, UNIX, RPG, COBOL

Software: Windows 2000 Professional/XP, Windows 2000 Server, MS Office2000/XP, Outlook/XP, Crystal Reports 8.5, MS Visual Interdev 6.0, MS Visual Studio; Small Business Accounting Software Intuit QuickBooks; Mac, Adobe Suites Photoshop CS6

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000, MS Access


University of North Texas Denton, Texas
Bachelor of Business Administration/Accounting Major

Tarrant County College Fort Worth, Texas
Associate in Applied Science/Data Processing Major

Tarrant County College Fort Worth, Texas
Design & Visual Communication: Web Design I & II, Graphic Design I & II and Digital Photography (A+ average in all classes)

Technical Institute Dallas, Texas Instructor Night Classes in Programming Languages and Principles

Work Related:

I like best receiving new projects and working on those projects with a select group of a few people. In that manor we can share ideas, research new technologies, and get an application up and running quickly. Once some of the basic hurdles are overcome, you can then take what was learned from research and initial testing and then apply what was learned as basic standards to the rest of the project. I am a people person, and I like working with people and the challenge of solving problems.

Personal/ Pre-Career:

Texas born Texas made. I was born in Houson, Texas and grew up in Arlington, Texas, with a two year stay in Chicago, Illinois between the ages of 2 and 4. I graduated high school at Arlington Sam Houston and obtained my Associate in Applied Science/Computer Science Major at Tarrant County College at Fort Worth and Bachelor of Business Administration/Accounting Major from the University of North Texas at Denton.

I bought and sold Real Estate to put me through college. In 2010, I obtained my real estate license and become a Realtor® with GRI, SFR designations, and member of the Technical Committee at the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors®.

Currently I reside in Arlington with great children, beautiful grand children and a beautiful wonderful wife.

My parents came from a town in Louisiana with the same last name Plaucheville.

I was born in Houston and grew up in Arlington. In High School, I played most all the sports baseball, football, track, first chair trumpet, and member of the national honor society.

I have three children and five beautiful grandchildren. When my children were younger, I coached indoor outdoor soccer and little league for 7 1/2 years, and on the North Arlington Little League board. Coaching allowed me to both return something back to the community, and interact with kids in a positive way teaching basic principals to the little minds.

Two are ER nurses (me, well I faint at the sight of a needle, and some of the experiments they did on me, never worked). My oldest worked as an ER nurse at Parkland, and did not like the way her scrubs fit. She designed a few patterns, started a little company from my game-room, and wound up selling the company worth several million today. (No I didn’t get a cut, but she does love me).

I put myself through college buying and selling small houses. The head of my school’s department placed me in my first career job in the field I majored after graduation. And that job helped pay for my second degree in accounting at night school – of which I was most grateful, and which allowed me to work closely (on the computer side) with the companies controller and accounting department.

Early Career: On my first job, I worked my way up quickly from third shift computer operator to operations manager, and into programming. After being there over 7 years, the companies operations were to be moved to Houston, and I therefore made the hard decision not to transfer.

After my first job, I worked at several computer consulting companies, and because of my accounting degree I was always paired working with CPA firms on the consulting software side. This meant working with companies all over Dallas and Fort Worth, sometimes traveling outside the area.

During this time I designed, developed, wrote, modified, and implemented both new and existing application software, wrote a development tools (tools that generated programming code).

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